Our 3 Major Pandemic Problems

Our 3 Major Pandemic Problems

Our Arctic Restoration Gift Campaign is underway!

We’re working hard to maintain momentum despite the disruption caused by COVID-19. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to grow our donor network, and your leadership in the campaign is urgently needed.

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The pandemic has resulted in a sharp decline of contributions and other sources of revenue which are the lifeblood for charitable organizations, including our own. The world’s charities are frontline responders to the battle against climate change. While much of the world is on pause, our mission of helping stabilize the global climate by protecting and restoring Arctic ice never stops. At this crucial time, we find encouragement knowing that you care and believe in the work we’re doing.

So far we’ve raised over 60% of our $500,000 fundraising campaign goal. Reaching our goal will fund over 30% of our annual budget. High-impact engagement with Ice911 Research brings diverse and vital resources to our mission while also meeting your own personal and social objectives.

For us, every season counts – we cannot miss a year of testing.

The pandemic has caused us three major problems:

#1) Climate modeling, which simulates the interactions of our work on the ice at a larger scale, is expensive, needs to be accelerated, and is now more important than ever.

#2) Delays and outright disruptions to our expected stream of institutional funding have occurred as grant-making organizations focus on COVID-19 response efforts.

#3) Our travel to field testing sites has been delayed and blocked, including trips that had been planned for work in Winnipeg, Canada, and Alaska, United States.

Instead, we’ve needed to pivot to work remotely with local collaborators, in order to try to continue our testing without disruption, and this has necessitated a number of re-directions to get the work done – not a simple thing to get in place with ever-changing restrictions, weather, and communications challenges.

We expect these complications to continue, possibly through 2021, at a time when we’ve been invited to collaborate with two different Norwegian organizations with expertise to help us answer some important key questions. So, we face an increase in operating expenses because of these complications, needed technology upgrades, and added fees for remote work, in order to work virtually with teams in other countries.

Despite disruptions, we’ve become the furthest ahead Arctic restoration effort in the world. Small-scale field testing and initial climate modeling indicate that our technology to restore polar ice can be very effective in reducing global temperature increases.

Thanks to generous community funders and private donors we will be able to continue our work towards full deployment of our safe, effective, reflective hollow glass beads with the aim of making measurable impacts on slowing climate change effects and rebuilding Arctic ice by the 2020s. Your tax-deductible gift allows us to continue our important research. DONATE NOW

For those wishing to make a major gift to our Arctic Restoration Gift Campaign, please email our Executive Director Tom Light.

P.S. Long-time supporter Jennifer Krach has agreed to participate as the anchor donor in this campaign to help us maintain momentum in key aspects of our technical work. Thank you very much, Jennifer!