Expanding Leadership Team; Welcomes Executive Director

Expanding Leadership Team; Welcomes Executive Director

Tom Light to help accelerate the next level of global impact for the climate restoration nonprofit

Menlo Park, CA, March 4, 2020 – Ice911 Research, a nonprofit dedicated to safely preserving and restoring Arctic ice, today announced Tom Light as Executive Director effective immediately. The board of directors selected Tom after an extensive, worldwide search.

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“A significant increase in funding is enabling rapid capacity building across all areas of the organization, starting with an executive director,” said Steve Payne, chairman of the board of Ice911 Research. “Tom is a strategic and inspirational leader who will help advance our vision and goals so we can prove and scale our climate restoration solution while there’s still time.”

Dr. Leslie Field, who has served since its founding in 2008 as Ice911’s CEO, will continue in her ongoing roles as founder, chief technical officer, board member and as a spokesperson for the organization.

Dr. Field said, “This is a really exciting moment for me personally. I’m delighted to see our capacity expand and make this key hire of Tom Light as our full-time executive director. I look forward to a great partnership with Tom, and to a rapid acceleration of our work to restore Arctic ice. Tom brings his experienced business perspective and proven track record in transitioning fast-growing start-ups to full-scale organizations, which is exactly what we need as we take our work to the next level.”

Tom is tasked with helping lead the efforts in proving to the world that Ice911 Research can preserve and restore Arctic ice. Under his direction, the team will expand its research program and work to establish international policy, governance, and funding for the adoption of Ice911’s solution by local communities, governments, and global institutions. These entities can then implement Ice911’s proven methods at scale to give the world the much-needed time to complete the move to more sustainable energy and conservation solutions.

Tom brings nearly 20 years of experience in the investment banking and nonprofit sector, where he has spent the last seven years working exclusively in the climate action sector. He has a proven track record building high-performing teams and scaling nonprofit organizations through public-private partnerships to fund sustainable worldwide projects.

“As conversations around climate change intensify and as a half-degree of warming quickly turns to environmental and economic hardship, Ice911’s work is of utmost importance. It’s imperative that, for the sake of humanity, we raise private and institutional funds to support and expand our technical programs, research projects, and policy outreach efforts,” said Tom Light, Executive Director of Ice911 Research.

As a climate finance leader, Tom was a founding member of WaterEquity, the first-ever impact investment fund manager with an exclusive focus on climate change adaptation with solutions to the global water crisis. Serving as the sole Managing Director, he scaled the firm from the start-up phase to a mature organization with multiple funds under management.

Tom’s prior experience also includes executive-level positions at UBS Investment Bank and serving as the senior-most leader responsible for the Grameen Foundation’s impact investment strategy in the capacity first as a fund manager and later as the Head of the Capital Management & Advisory Center.

About Ice911 Research
Ice911 Research is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Its mission is to develop, test, model, and evaluate for safety, and then prove to the world that it can preserve and restore Arctic ice in a safe and cost-effective way. In addition to its ongoing technical work, the team is working to establish international policy, governance, and funding for the adoption of its solution by local communities, governments, and global institutions.